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Tracking off, Anon enabled, screening a-go-go-go.

I've very little idea what I'm doing with this guy.

Also, I'm wretched at math. ):

So, please, crit of any kind. Anonymous commenting is permitted and everything ought to be screened.

Please see the permissions post for long, but serious notes on his cane.

For game purposes, I will be operating under the assumption that there is no Vanessa Gottlieb. I feel very gross about it, but it's frankly easier than playing around a wife and relationship I'd mostly have to make up, without any probable chance of having one for a very long time, given the limited information. Sorry. (I mean, if you are a Vanessa and interested, talk to me.) (I mean 2.0, I know you may be exceedingly skeptical given the obvious ship at work here, but at least comfort yourself with the knowledge that I sincerely do feel really freaking gross.)

That said! Memes and the like are 100% open game, and for the most part, I welcome anything, anyone, and everything!

Oh uh if you want to do anything, anything at all, drop me a line! DW msg is good for me if it's good for you, or you can do it here, idk... I tend to talk like a complete bozo oocly because I'm nervous. Sorry in advance.

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hey look I found your relative
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why yes i am cute, cuddly and adorable

for once you got something right hermann four stars

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Hello there.

This isn't crit, but I wanted to thank you for how you treat MS with this character. I've seen it used in fiction badly and to the point where it's made me uncomfortable when I'm normally not sensitive to things like that, and as someone with a very close and personal connection to the disease it makes me happy to see how you handle it.
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Jules, I actually have some really important crit that I wanted to bring to you! I think that there's an element of Hermann that you're really not quite hitting with your tags, and I just

no i lied look at this gif

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hermann needs to dance more he has Sick Moves and you arent adequately portraying this important side of his personality

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o hmy ogfdjo i never look at travis' inbox and logged in to check something and all i saw was A KATE BUSH GIF


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ok fine come in