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10 φ Waking. Spiders in the Coliseum, browsing the shops, eating by the lake. Log threads with Mr. Valentine, Mr. Sans, Miss Tua, Mr. Dreamspinner, Miss Lilith, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Deadpool, Miss Bianca, Miss Arya, Mr. Albatross. + Newton, Newton, Inspector Link, Newton & ????.
10 φ Newton. Assisting with starvation sickness before they have a terrible fight.
15Mr. Hope. Reprimanding Newton for his attitude. The former advises of the safety of the temples as Silent Hill comes to Hadriel. + asking Mr. Deadpool to make an inquiry of Mr. Hope so Hermann needn't talk to him. BUT HE DIDN'T, DID HE, MR. DEADPOOL?
15That Girl. Discussing the change in Hadriel with the apparent culprit. Too bad she hadn't consulted with anyone. + addressing a Gun Happy Idiot as well as Mr. Valentine regarding said idiot.
16Miss Tua & Henry Percy. Devising an experiment to send Newton on, regarding the tunnels and the changed city.
18Newton. Scattered reaction comments from the background.
15-20 φ Taking shelter in Mr. Hope's temple, with occasional excursions outside. Such as to the roof. Log threads with Dr. Banner, Mr. Hakkai/Cho, Mr. Kamiya. + Newton (inbox), Mr. Deadpool, Miss Arya & Mr. Deadpool, Newton & Mr. Sans, Miss Tua, Miss Miriam & Newton, A Horrible Person, Miss Ruby, Newton & Miss Lilith, Newton & ????.
23Victor Talbot. Discussing the phones.
23Mr. Dreamspinner. Still invasive and infuriating.
23Mr. Sans. Puns and brothers and Newton aggravating.
26Mr. Sorrow. Inquiring about the Door.
26Miss Bianca. Reacting to Miss Tua's death and stupidity during Silent Hill.
26 φ Miss Tua drinks while he awkward turtles around (then directly into) her death.
27Dr. Banner. A scientific approach to the garden. + going with Newton to help.
27Miss Lilith (inbox). Mercenaries, arrangements, gratitude, and the ECHONet.
28 φ Mr. Sans impedes laundry through quasi-narcolepsy and probable depression.
30 φ Miss Arya confesses.
02 φ Newton. Studying the video of their monsters and resolving to discuss it when not under a god's influence. Then: cooking and, er, things.
04Mr. Chris. Emergency Messenger.
07Dr. Gottlieb. Clock + Pedometer. With (names go here eventually).
01 ✦ Text here.
01 ✦ Text here.

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